Thrifting Adventures

Being a child on the 70s, made a big impression on my style, and lately i am going after some old clothes in vintage and second hand shops. Some i keep, and some are for sale. Click on the image for more details.

Here are some of my finds:


An amazing Girdle Vest, small size. This one is for sale $25.95.

These scarf are just amazing !


This belt is vivid and a great addition to a boho Gypsy look:


Amazingly soft Scarfs:_0

Some bangles


And much much more…

Click for my Etsy shop Etsy shop

For more finds on Ebay, click Ebay

I love the colors and textures of Boho home style :


Have a great winter weekend !

Irit ♥



Shabby Romantic summer Style

Shabby Romantic summet Style


MANGO sleeveless shirt
130 ILS –

Antik Batik nude shoes
1,060 ILS –

Shoulder bag
130 ILS –

Erickson Beamon dangle earrings
1,750 ILS –

Jewelry box
110 ILS –

Retro Love

Almost 5 years of selling Vintage and Retro in my Etsy shop made this a interesting occupation for me. My treasure hunting and love of craft came into making mixed media art and upcycled home decor, in a rustic bohemian style.

Here are some Mid Century Rustic home decor items from my shop, all are in a sale of 30% off at that time, click on the photo to land on my shop:


On my sister shop you can find rustic and upcycled flea market finds, click on the photo to be linked to her Etsy shop:


For those of you who loves Bohemian Hippie style of fashion, i have great collection of old and handmade jewelry and fashion accessories, click on the photo to be linked to the shop


Come visit us to find interesting old time gifts

Have a great weekend!

Irit ♥


The Eagle

Just a sweated rope was between her and the gulf.

Over the cliff she could feel the soft wind on her skin, the beauty of the skies above and the changing seasons.

On nights she leaned against the small ramp under her feet, and dreamt about beautiful places, sometimes she woke up from a nightmare.

The eagle was coming down at her. At first she was surprise to see him watching her, she froze, but he didn’t touch her, and shortly after he left. Then she started waiting for him, and almost lost her balance one day, when she was scanning the skies.

For a while she didn’t see him, and thought he will no longer come.

The rope she held was getting loose, wounds covered her arms and feet, she looked around,  gazing at the white spring flower that started breaking out of the rock she was leaning against, nature kept throbbing, everything was fine.


The eagle came back, this time he was hovering around her, staring at her wounded legs. She watched him closely, his claws were about to fall, she felt the pain of him, and wanted to touch him for a second, so she left her rope.

The air was hot, branches stabbed her body all the way down, and her wounded feet were burning. She kept falling, waiting for nothing, hoping to catch another rope on the way.

The falling seemed endless. Along the way some birds tried catching her, but they couldn’t hold her enough to help her.

Then was the ground sending long tendrils on her way, everything stood still when they finally caught her, darkness was around, wrapping her and drop of morning dew fell on her face.

Not a sound was heard, but they were all around, waiting for her.

The eagle stood on a high tree, watching her from far, his claws were all gone, but he knew he brought her home.

mg_3551Click on the photo to link to  ryan loughridge blog on WordPress.

Irit ♥


Autumn Wishing

We have a heat wave the last few days, still more to come, so by 10:00 the house is close and the air condition set to full.

I have always loved the Autumn days, the first ones bring such a relief in the air, and i get to be so optimistic.

Slow summer days bring some slow in my being, and doing, and thinking….i create mainly for myself, with no purpose in mind…

I have two shops on Etsy, one is a vintage shop and one has started as a Jewelry shop only, and being involved into my Boho Hippie soul outlet.

I get to meet so many wonderful people in Etsy community, we support each other in exposing our shops and goods, and giving some good advice in times.

I am bringing some goods from a few i know, they all reminding me now that Autumn is closer than i feel. Clicking on each image will bring you to the shop

Andrea has lovely paper napkins for decoupage crafting:



Liz works with gemstones:



Tracy has lovely vintage housewares, books, accessories, and home decor:



Tina makes beautiful rustic jewelry pieces:



Laureen makes New England inspired, eco-friendly mason jar soy candles




MissySue is a talented photographer, artist and designer, an emotionally-driven curator with an affinity and deep connection to the things that motivate memories, feelings and nostalgia. These are her latest Knitting Needles



Giulia from Italy uses wool and cotton products, using antique techniques to create something new and original.



Marisa makes versatile paper jewelry:



Julie makes modern mixed metal jewelry and colorful gemstone jewelry:



Brandi makes Letterpress Paper Goods & Handmade Gifts



Gilberto creates different kinds of artisanal and artistic creations, in various mediums:



Jewelryvixen makes romantic playful jewelry pieces:



Roberto is a wild life painter and photographer, these eyes are amazing !



Brittany makes Wrapped napkin rings and beaded napkin rings




Marci makes Nature inspired jewelry pieces, pearls, genuine stones, my hand crochet, lots of beads and unique accent:



Michelle offers Eclectic mix of vintage home decor, housewares, & accessories, shabby cottage chic, rustic, & farmhouse. Beautiful vintage finds for everyone:


Visit their awesome shops !


You can find them in this online gallery i have made:


Have a great weekend !

Irit ♥♥


I have been playing with colors and textures, on the natural side, for a few days now. Usually i tend to look for the strong Middle Eastern colors, but it is so hot, that playing with the soft shades makes me feel relaxed.

Our light is so harsh most of the day, that only when it about 18:00, i start feeling coming back to myself.






This necklace is new in the shop, made in the natural simplifying mood:


Work in progress :





I am on Instagram these days, posting random photos of my creative journey these days.

Have a great summer day ♥♥♥


Old and New Haifa City

Back in March i had some financial issues to get in order in Haifa old city . To say the list, i don’t like the bureaucracy and getting into the rush of the big city.

I used to live in Haifa for 10 years, i had my degree on the “Technion” university, we  spent some magical nights on clubs on the old city, i spent most of my 20s in this city. On business hours it is a sweaty busy area, old markets, fruit stands and old shops, that being neglected after 17:00.

I found these photos today when looking to make some order on my files, and it brought me nostalgically to the past.


































P1010146bbHave a great summer day ♥