I came across this fashion blog a few days ago, and love the colors and style inspiration.

It   demonstrate in a wonderful way the Fall 2012 pantone pallet, combining old and new, very romantic, intense colors, yet very soft, and even that it feels like Spring mood, it assimilated so wonderfully in my Autumn mood.


I was looking to see how this manifest in daily home decor, Jewelry, Fashion and accessories around me, in my shop and my friends shops.




Lovely ring in smoky rose colors from Jeannie and Richard’s shop .


Feels like a garden to me.

A wonderful old copper tray from my shop:



80s romantic Brooch:



This wonderful bridal hair accessory:


A wonderful girl dress:


Tangerine pillow cover:


Autumn leaf :


Lovely modern scarf:



So many wonderful examples, at home, jewelry, nature, all that serounds us.

Have a lovely time!



6 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. LOVE that floral dress!! I totally agree with you about the it being both autumn feeling and spring too 😀
    I can see your copper tray as a really wonderful accessory for a collection of small plants to accent the home ~ how much is it going for?
    And thank YOU so much for the features Irit!

  2. What a beautiful blog Irit. I’m so thrilled that you have included one of my watercolor paintings here. You have such wonderful taste 🙂

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