White Chocolate Inspirations

Colors, structures and taste are moving, inspiring…

White chocolate seems to me always as a “fake” chocolate, still it has its charm.

This kind of white is so reach, butter feels like, elegant yellowish, bridal, goes wonderfully with golden shades..

Lemony White Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

This Lemony White Chocolate Cheesecake is a Contest Winning,

If you like to have this made at home, for receipt, click here

White chocolate buttons are simple and make  you thing of French country charm:

More of artistic mood:

An Easter egg, you can find here

For home decor, i have some wonderful vintage pieces in my shop :

This wonderful shabby chic Jam/Sugar jar:

Vintage Ceramic Jam Jar, off white, Sugar Jar, Shabby chic, Beige Filigree, Tea party, French cottage, Christmas, housewarming, wedding gift

If you like to buy this, click here

A charming rustic vase:

Woodland market vase, Pears decoration, Made in Thailand  Listed by MeshuMash on Etsy

If you like to buy this, click here

Golden hues in jewelry:

Retro gold drop Earrings, Vintage hoops Earrings, Boho chic, oriental jewelry, daily wear, evening wear, Valentines day gift, Christmas gift

Great retro earrings, to purchase, click here

This 1960s brooch, mid century Mod jewelry:

Retro golden Brooch, white pearls, Mod jewelry, mid century Brooch, Joan mad men, women's jewelry, Autumn gold, Christmas gift

To purchase, click here

A wonderful inspiration for a yellow wedding, here

Yellow, off white also reminds me of Autumn and winter fruits:

The smell of fresh new Guava is Autumn to me, i know that the world can be divided between people who will throw it out of the window, and some that will not eat it, just to keep the smell around…i belong to the second type, i bought my first guavas today, and was thrown back in time to childhood, first rain, and autumn songs.

And this one:

You can find the original here

Do you smell the rain?


What about this?

You can find the original here

See you!




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