The Orient means “the East”. It is a traditional designation for anything that belongs to the Eastern world or the Far East, in relation to Europe, that means various parts of Asia.

The Far East is not just geographically distant, but also culturally exotic, which manifest in all aspects of life, from daily wear, habits and holidays, to fine art.

I have always been drawn to their way of life, or at list what i was thinking about it.

It seems they are more connected to simple way of life, synchronizing with nature.

Some countries, like Tibet, lives manly in high mountain:

Nepal, Nepal, Nepal travel, nepal photo

Their way of using colors always fascinated me, make me feel reach inside. The colors have some symbolism (in Buddhism), for me it is mainly an emotional experience, colors have a way of influencing our senses.

My home design have many of these influences, in a private way, and i do have some orient reach decorations around the house.
A while after i opened my vintage shop, and tried to make it a place that will represent my private preference. naturally things from the east got in, less then i want to, but each of them have a special place in my heart.

20 minutes drive from my town, in Yodfat, i met a wonderful woman, who travels this are for months each couple of years, and she brings wonderful things, along with the stories behind them. when i come to visit her wonderful Gallery, i make some kind of travel in time, a wonderful inner silence.

You can visit her site here

Some of the items i have in my shop are from her Gallery, such as this amazing Necklace that was made during world war II, in India, and for luck of materials, was made using melted coins:

For more details, click here

Or this Nepali Box shaped as a duck:

Antique Nepali box, Hand curved duck wood box

For more details, click here

The wonderful thing is that side by their colorful outfit and decorations, festivals, some of their daily items, like food dishes are very earthy, using brown wood, and hard metal.

Recently i made  a day traveling to the area, a wonderful place in north of Israel, that looks very much like Tuscany:

These are images from Yodfat, a small place that has magic in the air, you can visit and meet so many artisans living in this small place in the mountains

Until not long a go, their was a small coffee shop, where i used to spend Fridays morning at:

It was called ‘In Collina’

Recently i have found this old Thai marionette in a local flea market:

Salvage Chinese dancer marionette, Oriental Folk art man dancer figurine, Chinese Theater, colorful decorative costume decor, Eastern world

It was in a poor shape, was covered with dirt, and i had to save him. Few weeks later, using different methods of cleaning, i can say it is free of dirt, but the process of cleaning made some damage, blue oxidation spots, on the circle metal decorations, and some of its beauty and shine were gone, it is distressed.

For more details, or if you want to purchase this guy, click here

The posses of saving him, made it clear i have some strong attachment to these places, culture and colors. Every few days, i would say to my self, leave it, but then again, cleaned further, sewed and glued.

I feel that his expression is so wonderful, it tells something, a bit of smile, a bit of inner piece, a bit of strong will power.

Chinese dance has its own unique vocabulary, meanings, and ordered structure that enable a dancer to fully express his thoughts and feelings with ease and grace.

For more details , click here

For more details, click here

So much to learn about, to see, to travel.

I brought with me some antiques from Nepal, Tibet and India, you should smell them, having a great smell of old times, bonfires and oriental gentle incense.

some are over 100 years old, soon you will be able to see them in my shop

This photo is so amazing, sacred, having great simple light play:


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