First Rain

So liable, talking about the first rain, but their is only one of this each year, and i am always surprised how much it feels new, refreshing,thirst-quenching, like many new possibilities are coming.

It’s still so hot outside, like the first rain was Fata Morgana, came for a few minutes, brought some new hopes and gone, even the smell, the great smell of water touching the dry soil, vanished.

Many of the photos that draw my attention this morning seems to point out children wonder about nature, an amazing ability to live in the moment, ability that most of us loose when growing up.
For us, grown ups, Paris is always a good idea:
Rain can be a great excuse to enter books shop:
Or drink a cup of coffee in one of the coffee shops:
So much to do, so many things to plan.
I love going out in the rain, if it is a light rain i don’t even open my umbrella.

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