The Art of Books

I still remember my first year as a library subscriber, I was in second grade, and books were a magical world to me. Like Alice in wonderland, I slipped into them, living in a world beyond.

The first thing I do, when holding a book, an old one, or a fresh new one, is smelling it.

As a child, sometimes I would run back to the library, the same day, before it closed, and take a new one , grab me another magic.

The words were my treasures, still are, words are powerful.

I don’t have much time reading books these days, but when I do, sometimes I find the Alice mirror to reach another world.

Sometimes I go to the local public library, when I look for some kind of silence , Library silence is a special silence, the minute you get inside, your body becomes peaceful, your steps become softer…sometimes it takes time, so I walk among the shelves, looking, pulling out some books, open them in a random page, and read..

So many times it happened to me that i picked a book, that turned out to be  a diamond, hidden writer, a young writer, or old, that I have never read before, and it brings a whole new experience, sometimes it’s just what i needed to read at this point in life.

A place to reflect, learn, be in the moment.

Old shops have souls:

On a winter day, with a cup of hot coffee, winter is not so far from now…

Near a window, looking at the rain:

A winter day, a good book, hot drink, so simple, so fantastic!

This book art shows so wonderfully the way i feel when i read a good book, it comes alive..

And Alice!

creative art from books Impressive Book Sculptures and Cut out Illustrations


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