Wonderful Meatballs for Cold Days

These meatballs are our favorite lunch lately.

I got the recipe from a goof friend, they are eating them for years now, we just had the pleasure of tasting them lately, and since then i make them quit often.

You will need :

For the sauce:

1 Eggplant, cut to cubes and being marinated in salt for half hour

4-5 mature tomatoes, cut to cubes.

Tomatoes pasta, 50-100 gm

Hot paprika and salt, a bit of sugar.



I use a deep pan to soften and slightly fry them, using about 2 spoons of olive oil. You can add a bit more olive oil, the taste will be deeper, i try to be careful with the amount of fat i put into my food, however too little oil, will not give you good results.

When they gotten soft and cooked i add the tomato pasta, a bit of water, salt, sugar and hot paprika, and let that cook for a while.

I make the sauce and frying the meatballs at the same time, and when the meatballs are done, i add them to the sauce, let that boil for a while, and correct the seasoning.

For the meatballs you will need:

500 gm ground beef

A handful of parsley

One big ground Onion

1 egg

Ground black pepper, salt

Bread crumbs to hold the mixture.

I fry them on a flat ceramic plated pan, using small amount of olive oil, the beef mixture releasing some fat while being fried. This process needs a bit of patient and learning, you need to learn the right density of the mixture that will not full a part, and flipping them easily.


I let them rest on a kitchen paper, to absorb excess fat.


In the meantime, the tomato sauce is being cooked  bit further, and i add the meatballs to the deep pan with the tomato sauce

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo didn’t go so well, I had a hard time taking it above the boiling pan, and the light wasn’t good enough, it started raining, and the sun was gone…

But the results are great beautiful, and so good, we eat it along with a plain couscous (steamed semolina )


Bonn Appetite !

Irit ♥


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