Masai Tribe Women

I was learning  Anthropology during the 90s for a while, and having a chance to look into a world that is so different from ours, made me value thing differently.


Some tribes live so close to the real nature of human being, even when not having the modern world advantages, that it seems they might be more happy then us, living in a very comfortable world.


I had the chance to see a few documentries in the last few years, and got to see from a closer view that each existence has its own problems, yet i feel that they have a more healthy, simple and relaxed life style.

Masai Woman with Heavy Earrings

I have found a great Masai woman figurine in the flea market last week, and that brought me back thinking about the complexity of us, western women.

PicMonkey Collage01

If you want to buy this amazing figurine, click on the photo above to be linked to my vintage shop.

In some tribes, women get to be the rulers. In many tribes children get to be raised by many women, and moms get wonderful support. Member of the community get to take a part of what they are good at, and live more intuitively.

Irit ♥



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