Boho Chic Mood Board

I am much fascinated about the 70s style Hippie Gypsy fashion accessories, and the way the are merging these days in fantastic creative ways.


I can sit for hours in front of the computer, finding so many talented people making ooak stories using fabric, buttons, beads, charms, threads, metal shells…as much as imagination let you.


I am experiencing new forms of artistic jewelry making, and last evening i started playing with it.

It is just the first steps, and i find it hard to work on the small details, while my mind is running wild.

This necklace is one of my early designs when i started the jewelry shop:


I love combining Tribal and  African details into my work. When i look at the jewelry made by women in tribes it seems so natural and easy going, like they don’t pay attention to the small details, and the outcome is so genuine and free.



Yesterday i started making some, out of the jungle of my mind, it is still in first steps, and it was not easy as it seems, because finding the right things that go well together and go well with what i feel, is complicated.

These are premature, and need some adding, but they are the base of my two next necklaces:


The one on the right is going to be a medicine pouch necklace, and in the one on left still don’t have a final identity, it can go shabby chic or ethnic…dependent on what i will add to it.

It took me a few hours to make them, i believe it will go faster with time.

This is how my work space look this morning:


I have so many wonderful things i been collecting over the years, and they are now coming out to play…

Also you can see the laptop on the side…


Have a wonderful Sunday , Irit ♥


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