Chaos Creativeness

I long linger to expedience different kinds of media in Art and Jewelry. Growing in the 70s,  something of the era grow in my soul and look for an outlet.

When i was younger it was easier to put something on myself, wear a lot of rings, bracelets and cloths in layers, i had so much fun playing with my appearance, that sometimes people would say that looking at me is much like looking at a Theater, changing performance in times, it was true, the way we dress meant to express something, the way we feel, the way we want to feel, our ideas of the world, the colors that we need, what inspires us…these days i find myself very minimal in appearance, being busy with materials, combining, gluing, beading, hammering….so much fun, such a rich world to be in…yet it makes a lot of noise inside, and sometimes i need to take a step back, so i will not be overwhelmed with what i do, and i get overwhelmed in times…

I love making Boho, Indie Hippie and tribal pieces,  it needs to be balanced, and finding the balance is hard sometimes…every few days, i need to clean my work space, so i can go on…

Not long ago i started to deal with fabrics in my jewelry, and made theseOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA two basic pieces..

Days went by, i went back to work with the circle crochet pouch, it meant to be a medicine pouch necklace, i added things, i removed, i loved it, i hated it…i needed to hide it in a drawer so i will no go back and do something i will regret later…it is only a work of Art, Art does not have to be clean and clear, for me it is chaotic many times, and i feel frustrated in times, just looking on what i made and feel insecure of its value, even that i know that value is something so personal…

From the years i used to paint, i know that the creative process is so messy sometimes, you can work for hours, and feel lost, and you can work 30 minutes, and feel that you found such a great texture and balance, you don’t want to touch the work anymore…

This oil painting took me hours on hours, and still i feel it is not finished, it makes me crunch il_570xN.191744377

I painted it from the “The girl with pearl Earring” movie poster.

This drawing took me 30 minutes, and i stopped working on it, when i felt i might destroy it if i continue:

il_570xN.215748377The same way, a creative process of making my jewelry is so hard sometimes, and so easy in other times.

I worked on the circle crochet pouch, and now it looks like this:

PicMonkey Collage01A work is finished when you look at it and feel that all the components should have been their, and it looks like it was easy to make it…

I hope it looks like it now, because when i reached this level, i could not touch it anymore, i even couldn’t hang it on a brass chain to make a necklace out of it, even that it was the initial purpose…

Talking about the piece in your mind and what comes out…most of the time it is so far, but yet can be fantastic !..

Who said that being an artist is easy?…they all end up mad in the end, isn’t it?

This necklace just made itself in a few minutes, really !


So i love it in a whimsy way.

The ones who take me hours i can hate or love, but i need to let go of them.

Have a great and warm weekend, Irit ♥



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