The Word Of the Day

I haven’t been here for a while.

I was feeling drained. It turned out to be a health issue. It took a while to figure it out, and it turned out to be something i was born with, and just now (why now?) it took the stage. It wasn’t easy at all, and took a lot of my inner resources. It was a journey, in which i met many of my fears, but also wonderful people, caring , special , that in times just their word or touch made a huge difference to the way i was feeling.

I want to begin a new project called ‘The word of the day’. Each morning i will pull a card with a single word on it, looking to see how it is  being assimilated in my thoughts, acts and creations. I made these cards a few years ago, using my own language, i have a bunch of them, sitting in a nice cup on my desk, and they look so right to use now.

The word of today is :  לאפשר..Let things take there natural course, Let go…♥♥♥

This is the way i feel the word now.

I played with some mood board the last few days, and came out with this idea of the word of the day.


The afternoon light gave an interesting shadow on the wall, the dream-catcher that rotate in the sun most of the day, and some polymer clay bead i made yesterday.

I used leftovers of polymer clay i had, i find it a to be a little bit frustrating medium, it needs to be work hard on at first, and then it became so soft, that they changed their form in the oven, and  were little bit brunet (this i can change, use a lower temp or less time)


I colored them using antique white, soft pink and olive green, so they turned out pretty interesting.

Interesting is a wonderful word, well, they are, but the fact is that they are a bit weird, but interesting. I am growing into loving them .

I will glaze coat them today, and when i have a new piece to show, i will post it here, i wonder what will come out of it.


Have a great day everybody !

I just took my first cup of coffee after more than a month, and it feels like heaven ♥




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