Today word is “הווה”, the grammar present form in Hebrew.

For me it says to live in the moment, be present in everything i do, how simple yet sometimes hard to do.

I have a rush of creativity these days, can’t mange it so well, so i started with cleaning the house this morning, also made some sane order in my projects piles. I have a few of them in the process. The best way to explain it is to say that an idea is born at a certain point, I work on it, set it to a meaningful level, and then i let other ideas jump in and start building themselves. The outcome might look chaotic from the outside, for me it is natural. Some of them can sit for days, weeks or hours, and then  they simply being finished, easily.



Lots of warm, bright strong colors, Turquoise is always around, wood and fabric.

Talking about being present, be in the moment, I love taking photos of simple daily things i enjoy, Like the morning coffee….what is it with coffee?….I am not sure (well, i do)…..maybe just the way everything looks so bright, tense and fun after a strong cup..I feel pretty much the same when i see other people cup of coffee, especially if i imagine them sitting on a stone house porch in Italy, looking on the pink Bougainvillea on the wall across the street…It seems i need a vacation…..



Out the window, i caught these birds on the sky. It is a warm,  heavy air, gray day, but they seem to go with their own pace…



Enjoy you day, enjoy the simple things, not just…if a big surprise is waiting for you today, grab it ♥




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