The Eagle

Just a sweated rope was between her and the gulf.

Over the cliff she could feel the soft wind on her skin, the beauty of the skies above and the changing seasons.

On nights she leaned against the small ramp under her feet, and dreamt about beautiful places, sometimes she woke up from a nightmare.

The eagle was coming down at her. At first she was surprise to see him watching her, she froze, but he didn’t touch her, and shortly after he left. Then she started waiting for him, and almost lost her balance one day, when she was scanning the skies.

For a while she didn’t see him, and thought he will no longer come.

The rope she held was getting loose, wounds covered her arms and feet, she looked around,  gazing at the white spring flower that started breaking out of the rock she was leaning against, nature kept throbbing, everything was fine.


The eagle came back, this time he was hovering around her, staring at her wounded legs. She watched him closely, his claws were about to fall, she felt the pain of him, and wanted to touch him for a second, so she left her rope.

The air was hot, branches stabbed her body all the way down, and her wounded feet were burning. She kept falling, waiting for nothing, hoping to catch another rope on the way.

The falling seemed endless. Along the way some birds tried catching her, but they couldn’t hold her enough to help her.

Then was the ground sending long tendrils on her way, everything stood still when they finally caught her, darkness was around, wrapping her and drop of morning dew fell on her face.

Not a sound was heard, but they were all around, waiting for her.

The eagle stood on a high tree, watching her from far, his claws were all gone, but he knew he brought her home.

mg_3551Click on the photo to link to  ryan loughridge blog on WordPress.

Irit ♥



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