Thrifting Adventures

Being a child on the 70s, made a big impression on my style, and lately i am going after some old clothes in vintage and second hand shops. Some i keep, and some are for sale. Click on the image for more details.

Here are some of my finds:


An amazing Girdle Vest, small size. This one is for sale $25.95.

These scarf are just amazing !


This belt is vivid and a great addition to a boho Gypsy look:


Amazingly soft Scarfs:_0

Some bangles


And much much more…

Click for my Etsy shop Etsy shop

For more finds on Ebay, click Ebay

I love the colors and textures of Boho home style :


Have a great winter weekend !

Irit ♥




2 thoughts on “Thrifting Adventures

    • I have an eye for the texture i like, i can spot them from far, and the women at the local goodwill know my style, so they bring it when i come. I will check you blog too. Thank you ♥

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