Mad men Inspired

This amazing show brought back a great time, when it comes to fashion.

When i started watching the show, first I was upset , belonging to another generation, about the way women were treated back then.

Then things were a bit balanced, and I just amazed by the fashion, style, interior design, and even could see the way women knew their way after all..

So I am back to fashion, I just love this era, it reminds me of my mom, her dresses, our home as a child, and when I started my vintage shop, i found myself picking things from back then, on flea markets, and each time i find something i like, i feel a bit nostalgic..

So let me show you some things i have in my shop:

This wonderful brooch, for $25

Golden blue Flower Brooch, Vintage Mid century mod jewelry, mad men fashion, glitter retro brooch, Christmas gift ,costume jewelry

This man’s tie, Italian silk tie, for $22

Italian Silk Tie, Vintage man Tie

This is the point to post some a photo of Don Draper, isn’t it?

When it comes to him, I am a bit like a teenager, but who cares?

More jewelry, this Mod style brooch, for $15

Retro golden Brooch, white pearls, Mod jewelry, mid century Brooch, Joan mad men, women's jewelry, Autumn gold, Christmas gift

Amazing retro earrings, for $25:

Mid century golden clip Earrings, blue and beige enamel earrings, mad men style jewelry, Mod jewelry, Christmas gift

A lovely milky Necklace, for $32

Retro White Necklace, Chunky white beads necklace

Golden Belt Buckle, for $8

Rhinestones belt Buckle, Vintage brass and rhinestones 50's belt closer

Another golden delicate brooch, for $25:

Vintage Flower Brooch, Rhinestones brass brooch

And some fashion picks,

This amazing light coat for Autumn, 60s style, for $25

Vintage Women Raincoat, Women Beige Raincoat, Mid century fashion, mad men, autumn fashion, winter

Am amazing vest, so 70s:

Vintage woman Vest, 70s style colorful short vest, mad men, mid century outwear, daily wear, Christmas,

Great black handbag, for $28

Retro Black Handbag

More for the guys now, A great tie clip, for $22

Mid century gemstone Tie clip, golden brown Tie clasp, Tie bar, Mad men inspired, Christmas gift for boyfriend, retro Fashion, Formal wear

Beautiful old cuff links, for $18

Mid century Cuff Links, golden brown men accessory, Mad men inspired, Christmas gift for boyfriend, retro Men fashion, Formal wear

My good friends, Jeannie and Richard, have a jewelry line, they design modern jewelry, that sometimes touches retro style,

These earrings remind me of clip earring of the 60s, available for $35:

Love Knot Earrings, Brass Chainmaille Earrings, Chainmail Earrings, Patina Earrings, Classic Style, Heirloom, Handmade by JeannieRichard

These are a Mod style earring, I can see Joan wearing them, available for $30:

Square Ear Studs, Beaded Earrings, Color Block Earrings, Beige & Black, Classic Style, Geometric Ear Studs, OOAK Handmade by JeannieRichard

For the home, i have this old Radio, from Russia, for $250:

Vintage heavy Clock, Retro brown gong clock

A great suitcase, from my friend’s shop, for $39,

Vintage Leather Luggage Suitcase, Brown Leather Suitcase, Travel Case, Camel Leather Carry ON Suitcase, Mid Century 1960 Suitcase


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